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Alors l'idée est charmante.

Parcontre le village est vraiment  moche, il souffre d'un gros manque d'identité, on dirait les assets  gratuits dans Unity, sur lesquels on applique des material avec une
directional light.. ça manque de beaucoup de travail esthétiquement parlant.

Le GD me semble en retard, mais les autres posts en parlent  déjà.

Je valide les autres posts sur le son et les thématiques  des affiches qui sont bien les seuls éléments qui m'ont fait sourire dans ce jeu et qui donnent envie de prolonger l’expérience :)

Interesting concept. However, I'm having trouble with the lack of
feedback, the overall Game Design - which contains a lot of problems in
my opinion - and the controls. The controls need to be improved and
polished. Game Balance must be reviewed for the posters. What I like
about this game are the posters' design and the sound design. WHoever
made them is doing a good job. They add value to the game in terms of
visuals and creating an atmosphere to the world. If the other problems
were on the same level, the game would have been way better

Already told you but great  work guys ! Still I'm waiting for more content to increase the lifespan of the game, and also smoother controls so PLEASE DON'T LET IT DOWN ! 

And please change the cursor x) 

Thank you for your comment ! We will definitly fix it !

As promised, I have returned to Paper Town to make its citizens' lives better... Took a while but... 


Thank you again nice video !